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Everything that we do is done with that in creative mind: offering qualification that in demand from the working netizens and give people skills, knowledge , ability and attributes to do the same. Those who take our programs see real change in their lives, careers and personal outlooks.

We champion innovation, creativity, flexibility and dynamism in the approaches that those who learn from us. We always listen and believe in saying ‘yes’ as often as we can. We just happen to be an internationally recognized human capital organization. 

Established in 2009, Riverbank Academy was founded as the premier online learning division of Sterling College. Our mission is to transform the learning experience and further the success of our students through expanded modes of access and delivery. Our purpose remains strong: to serve our local and global community by providing superior programs that respond to community needs. We place a priority on learning by providing lifelong education opportunities and excellent student services.

As a vibrant adult-learning campus, Riverbank Academy serves as a gateway for in-demand skills training and professional upgrading programmes by offering and delivering Industries Competencies for the future workforce and nation building. 

We support:

  • our workforce in their progression and capability development needs
  • employers to address their manpower needs
  • HRDF providers to deliver best-in-class training programmes
  • Empowering youth for nation’s growth 

RiverBank Academy offers reliable, high-quality education to local resources for career and self-development.  A true education to in-house resources and expertise offers a very high level of practical experience, and knowledge enhancement. Participants must know that studying with RiverBank Academy is a professional way to develop the understanding and improving skills on new areas of technology even without working experience. 

Here in RiverBank Academy, we are able to maintain technology and skill balance, by   charging a high value for our services, and delivering an even higher value to our clients. Initial focus will be development in the global and Malaysian markets generally

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