Professional Diploma in Corporate Executive

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Global Skill (GSC)
4 (Diploma)

If you’re a working adult who is looking to progress into a managerial position in an organization, this is the best professional qualification for you to enroll in. 

Corporate Strategic Management or executive is a critical competency that a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) should possess. It deals with managing decisions toward establishing and sustaining competitive advantage of a corporation/organisation.

The person who is competent in this CU shall be able to formulate organisation’s corporate statements, organising strategic analysis session(s) and formulating strategic plan. The outcome of corporate strategic management competency unit is to formulate and organised strategic corporate business plan that has been analysed according to organisation’s corporate objectives.

This professional qualification framework will provide adequate information on blended online Professional Diploma in Corporate Executive course specification understanding according to Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in global and international perspective

The following are the terminal performance objectives (TPOs’) for the Professional Diploma in Corporate Executive 




Formulate and organized strategic corporate business plan that has been analyzed according to organization corporate objectives.


Fulfil the corporate governance interests and accountability of stakeholder in organizations such as Shareholders, Board of Directors, managers, workers, clients and the community are determined and administered.



Ensure that all the activities involved in corporate affairs operation and communication are effectively coordinated and supported in an organization.



ensure that technology management of business activities are coordinated to ensure sustainability and innovative technology in corporate organization.



generate global business and enhancing growth of the company, locally and the global market.



to ensure that all the activities involved in accounting and financial activities are carried out according to company’s policies, regulation, accounting procedures and financial strategy.



ensure that all the activities involved in logistic coordination activities are carried out efficiently to ensure the timely and sustainability of the company.



 having leadership skills in various pertinent area in an organisation



Understand the role of innovation and creativity for organization and apply in the business strategic direction


Apply entrepreneurial mind set in workplace

Entry requirements

Candidate or applicants need to have either one of the requirements below : 

  • SPM pass with a minimum of three (3) credits and minimum 2 years of working experience;
  • SPM pass with a minimum of one (1) credit will require 4 years of working experience and shall be considered on a case-to-case basis.
  • Completed O Levels or secondary education with 21 years of age 

Note : 

Candidate may email to if you have question regarding the entry qualifications

Course structure and modules

The IPD-OUM Level 4 Professional Diploma in Corporate Executive consists of 10 mandatory units, making a combined total of 40 credits: 

  1. Corporate Strategic Management 
  2. Corporate Governance Management 
  3. Corporate Affairs and Communication Management 
  4. Technology Management 
  5. Global Marketing Management 
  6. Accounting & Financial Management 
  7. Logistic Management 
  8. C-Level Executive Development 
  9. Innovation and Creativity 
  10. Entrepreneurship 

How you study

The Professional Diploma in Corporate Executive is conducted 100% online or by blended learning. The online Campus link is available at

Career opportunities and pathway

The skills of a CEO of a corporation is highly needed in propelling Malaysia into a high income nation as envisaged by our Right Honourable Prime Minister in the Economic Transformation Programme. Hence, every corporation requires a well trained CEO to lead and provide the visions to spearhead corporate goals to ensure sustainability in the borderless economy.

With the launching of ETP (Economic Transformation Programme) the potential of employment as Head of Corporation in Malaysia is enormous. The borderless economy has also prompted Malaysian business corporations to invest and operating the businesses off shores of Malaysia. Thus, it requires a highly trained CEOs to represents and operates the overseas business.

Upon completion of the program learners may pursue their bachelor degree or master program. To know more about the progression pathway please get in touch with Riverbank Academy at