International Diploma in Workforce Competency and Management

Recognition of Prior Learning (Level 4/5 – Diploma)

Outstanding global competencies essential for business experience

The Recognition of Prior Learning (International Diploma in Workforce Competency and Management)  is the process for recognizing learning that has its source inexperience and/or previous formal, non-formal, and informal learning contexts. This includes knowledge and skills gained within the school, college, and university and outside formal learning situations such as through life and work experiences.

The focus of the RPL Toolkit is on recognizing learning that is gained from experience rather than from formal learning. Learning from experience is different from formal learning: it is largely unstructured, it is more personal and more individualized, and is often unconsciously gained. It is, however, just as real as learning acquired in a formal academic setting. In addition, it can be more permanent as it is not readily forgotten or lost.

The SWEP Kit can be used to benchmark working adults’ skills and learning gained through experience as part of their personal development or for career planning. Working adults or Experienced personnel might want to map their prior skills, knowledge and ability against a particular job requirement or particular qualification or training program.

The RPL booklet is specially designed to upgrade working personnel or entrepreneurs with more than 3 years of working or business experience into a Technical and Vocational Education & Training (TVET) Competency Diploma.


  1. Manage Career and Work Life 
  2. Work with Roles , Rights and Protocols 
  3. Communicate for Work
  4. Recognise and Utilise Diverse Perspective 
  5. Plan and Organise 
  6. Make Decisions 
  7. Identify and Solve Problems 
  8. Create and Innovate 
  9. Work in a Digital World 
  10. Technical Expertise 

Benefits for Employers

  • Help to identify employees’ skills efficiently 
  • Help to identify skills gap in an organisation 
  • Help to identify appropriate training programs for upskilling purpose 
  • Reducing the time required in employee re-training and minimised duplication of learning programs.
  • Increasing employees motivation and interest in workplace 
  • Generating new ideas and developments for the organisation as a result of the employee/learner reflecting on work activities. As a result , employers may find that SWEP can lead to increased employee retention and reduced recruitment and training cost. 
  • Access key employability skills such as communication, team work, problem solving, initiative and enterprise, planing and organising, self management , learning and technology

If you’re a working professional with no proper credentials RPL certification process can be one step ahead for your career advancement. RPL certification acknowledges and converts one’s past experience, skills, and knowledge into a qualification through a series of workshops and monitoring systems.

Awarded by the Riverbank Academy with OTHM UK (International Diploma in Workforce Competency and Management), this programme is available by the online platform, allowing you to complete your portfolio while balancing work and personal life. Our Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is an approved program with HRDF-SBL Khas (Approval No : 10001171131) which enables organizations to enrol their experienced employees for career advancement. 

Most successful people will agree that a continuous thirst for knowledge is a key element in building a growing, thriving business. Continuous education and certification programs can be an investment of time and resources, they help provide recognition for your specialized knowledge or skill set, which can be a significant benefit when it comes to landing certain clients or projects. Here are five benefits to keep in mind when considering pursuing a professional certification.

  • Gain Immediate Recognition in their Workplace
  • Provides Upward Mobility
  • Become Skilled Manpower and Increase the Nation’s Human Resource Index
  • Opportunities for Personal Development
  • Continue their Studies with Lifelong Learning Programs

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Why Study Here?

Riverbank Academy Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) program aims to empower working professionals and executives to obtain knowledge, skills, abilities, and attributes that are required throughout their lifetime as an empowerment tool. Indeed, we are the best for professional development and lifelong learning partner.

At Riverbank Academy our programs are designed and delivered by industry experts, professionals, and practitioners. We operate our programs using the blended action learning mode that will enhance learners’ creative and critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Our online learning campus will make your learning at ease and comfortable without much hassle. Riverbank Academy is also accredited and audited by OTHM UK which makes our RPL development programs are well accepted by industry players locally and internationally. 

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Program Facts

Duration : 3 to 6 months
Mode of Study: Online Campus or Face to Face Workshop
Awarding Body: OTHM UK  
Approved Centre: Riverbank Academy Sdn Bhd
Mode of Payment: Monthly Flexible payment, HRDF (SBL KHAS claimable), credit card payment slot gacor slot gacor