Professional Diploma in Business Administration

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Global Skill (GSC)
4 (Diploma)

If you’re a working adult who is looking to progress into an administration, planning or development role, this is the best professional qualification for you to enrol in. 

The Professional Diploma in Business Administration program aims to deliver the knowledge, skills, ability, and attributes that meet the needs of learners aspiring to roles in Business and Administrative Management in different sectors on a domestic and international platform. The program provides a flexible route for learners who have already achieved work experience in Business and Administrative Management at a lower level and for learners who do not have management qualifications but have qualifications in other areas and/or prior experience in the workplace.

The Professional Diploma allows learners to acquire a range of knowledge and understanding and develop some key skills required to work as administrative managers or executives.

Professional Diploma in Business Administration was developed by Riverbank Academy and awarded by Institute of Professional Development collaboration with Open University Malaysia. 

This professional qualification framework will provide adequate information on blended online Professional Diploma in Business Administration course specification understanding according to Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in global and international perspective

The following are the terminal performance objectives (TPO’s) for the Professional Diploma in Business Administration: 




Understanding how the role and function of policies and procedures enable organizations to meet customer requirements.


understand the importance of being able to communicate information effectively so that all decision-making contributes to the achievement of an organization’s goals.


knowledge and understanding of the principles of operational planning, including the activities that make up operations management, the relationship between operations and business performance and the importance of administration in operations management.


understanding of the importance of having good quality products, services and business practices. The unit also helps learners to understand how the management of quality in a business contributes to the achievement of business goals.


understanding of the principles of project management in business. Learners will be required to develop a business case for a specified project, which will then be executed and evaluated


knowledge and understanding of the skills needed for managing people and performance in the workplace. Learners will do this through understanding the importance of learning and development and the role of leadership for effective team working.


knowledge and understanding of the importance of managing the flow of information and knowledge in an organization


knowledge and understanding of the purpose and scope of cost management accounting, the application of financial accounting, the impact of internal and external factors on budgetary planning and how to manage a budget.


understanding of the significance of the internet and e-business to an organizations activity and the internet’s role in promoting growth and efficiency. Effective use of internet and e-business techniques will give an organization a competitive advantage and contribute to the achievement of their goals.


focuses on the contribution of marketing in achieving organizational objectives, the main barriers to marketing planning, ethical issues in marketing, how to develop a marketing strategy, and how to strengthen an organization’s value through marketing.

Entry requirements

Candidate or applicants need to have either one of the requirements below : 

  • SPM pass with a minimum of three (3) credits and minimum 2 years of working experience;
  • SPM pass with a minimum of one (1) credit will require 4 years of working experience and shall be considered on a case-to-case basis.
  • Completed O Levels or secondary education with 21 years of age 

Note : 

Candidate may email to if you have question regarding the entry qualifications

Course structure and modules

The IPD-OUM Level 4 Professional Diploma in Business Administration consists of 10 mandatory units u, making a combined total of 40 credits: 

  1. Business Administrative System 
  2. Business Communication 
  3. Operation Management 
  4. Quality Control Management 
  5. Principle of Project Management 
  6. Managing People in Organization 
  7. Managing Information and Knowledge 
  8. Finance for Administrative Managers 
  9. Internet and E-Business 
  10. Principles of Marketing 

How you study

The Professional Diploma in Business Administration is conducted 100% online or by blended learning. Online Campus link is available at

Career opportunities and Pathway

When it comes to jobs in the business field, there are plenty of routes to choose from. Here are the list to explore some of the jobs you can get with a business administration diploma.

  1. Business Development Associate
  2. Marketing Executives 
  3. Administrative Executive 
  4. Human Resource Coordinator 
  5. Financial Administrator 
  6. Project Executive 
  7. Data Analyst 
  8. Health Service Sector Executive 
  9. Market Research Analyst 
  10. Business Managers 

Upon completion of the program learners may pursue their bachelor degree or master program. To know more about the progression pathway please get in touch with Riverbank Academy at