Vision Mission



Our Vision : To be the 1st Private Vocational University in the Region 

RiverBank Academy offers reliable, high-quality education to local resources for career and self-development. A true education to in-house resources and expertise offers a very high level of practical experience, and knowledge enhancement. Students must know that studying with Riverbank Academy is a more professional way to develop the understanding and improving skills on new areas of technology even without working experience. Here in Riverbank Academy, shall be able to maintain technology and skill balance, by charging a high value for our services, and delivering an even higher value to our students. Initial focus will be development in the Malaysian markets generally and Klang Valley specifically. Below are our organization missions: 

1.   To provide competency-based program to those not inclined with academic qualifications. 

2.   To help those who wants to build career or entrepreneurship skills 

3.   To enhance the quality of working adults life through the promotion of knowledge and skills development 

4.   To bring trainees and industries together through “SKILD IS APPLIED” concept 

5.   To be quality and affordable career education provider in Malaysia 

6.   To provide a complete career pathway from skills certificate up to degree qualification.