Our Logo

Our Logo

Riverbank Academy new logo resembles our initiatives which we have embarked for more than 12 years now and our future direction.


Color : Blue and Orange 

refers to blue water of unpolluted River and orange refers to soil. Both of this state our relentless effort in changing the life of youths and community at large. 


4 pillars : 

Resemble important elements of life , learn , initiate , focus and empower. The pillars also refers to our ultimate vision in empowering youths with TVET , lifelong learning , community empowerment and Entreprneurship. 


RBA : 

will be our branding and it’s position below the pillars of many educational institutions. Meaning we have been supporting many important life changing initiatives with important institutional Organization locally and globally 


Image of people and mortar : 

the ultimate results on all our empowerment initiatives which reflect on enhancing the quality of life.